WordPress plugin for external videos updated

Over the last weeks I’ve updated my “external videos” wordpress plugin. I’ve fixed bugs and added some new functionality.

List of changes:

  • fixed a bug in attaching blog posts to videos for link-through from gallery overlays
  • allow re-attaching a different blog post to a video
  • added a shortcode that allows to link straight through to video pages instead of the overlay
  • fixed a bug on retrieval of keyframe for dotsub
  • added option to add the video posts to the site’s RSS feed
  • fixed a bug on image paths for the thickbox
  • made sure whenever a user goes to the admin page that the cron hook is active
  • changed some class names to avoid clashes with other plugins that people reported
  • turned simple_html_dom code into a class of its own to avoid clashes with other plugins that use this code, too
  • cleaning up entered data from surplus white space
  • styling fixes to the overlay on gallery
  • shielding against a bug with no videos on channels to retrieve yet

Download the new plugin version 0.13

Note: there is something weird going on with the wordpress plugins site, which still shows version 0.7 as the current one, but when you download it, it gets the latest version 0.12. If somebody knows how to fix this, that would be awesome. I think it also stops people from auto-updating this plugin, which is sad with this many improvements.
(I think I fixed it by actually changing the version number in the external-videos.php file – how silly of me – and thanks to the WordPress Forum person who pointed it out to me! Download 0.13 now.)

6 thoughts on “WordPress plugin for external videos updated

  1. Maxime,

    The videos are currently provided as a separate post type so as not to mess with other posts on the site. I could add a means to extract the youtube comments as comments for these posts. I’ve added that to my list of requested features that I will eventually look at.

    What reason do you have, though, for wanting the videos as regular posts? Do you want them to appear as part of the blog posts on the site? That would be a new feature. Or do you want them in the RSS feed? That is now a feature that you can select in the settings.

  2. Silvia,

    I use Youtube to host my video on-line, but then I post an extended article describing it to my blog and insert video into it manually (Youtube provide an iframe to insert it into a blog).

    I think a lot of people do the same, they post videos on Youtube but prefer to discuss them on their blogs with friends.

    The reason to post videos automatically as part of the blog posts is simple: I not always have time to write a full post strait after uploading them to Youtube, but if they are posted automatically readers of my blog can view them just after uploading. Most readers of any blog may not have an account in Youtube or don’t use it frequently.

    Don’t mind this option too serious, it’s only a commodity for me that would like to have.

    I noticed RSS option and use it. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Silivia for WpRecipes!

    Another issue is the category ‘External Videos’ assigned to every imported video. I see this category is hardcoded in the source code. Could you, please, add an option to change this to another one (already existed) or do not assign it at all? I mean not assigning a category should be an option in configuration along with selection of any already existed category.

    In some WP themes blog’s menu is constructed automatically based on categories and a category in English looks inappropriate on a blog in Russian (for example).

    I’ve commented out lines adding ‘External Videos’ category d it seems plugin works fine without it.

  4. will add to feature request list – however, if you remove the category “External Videos”, then you cannot group the videos together. That’s not the intention of this plugin.

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