Dr Silvia Pfeiffer



I am an open video enthusiast and want to make user experience with video online as interactive and enjoyable as Web page interaction. Think about searching for stuff in video and directly getting to the point, or linking out to related stuff while watching video, or having video conferences right there in the browser as part of your Web app. I am keen to allow such experiences for everyone, which is why I have a keen interest in open source, open standards, and accessibility.

I’ve got a long background in open source software, open media technology through Xiph and Annodex, and in open standards through IETF and W3C. Since July 2012, I’ve become a co-editor of the HTML5 spec at the W3C and in February 2013 I took over editing of the WebVTT spec. I’ve worked with awesome people and HTML5 video technologies still amaze me every day with new applications.

Professionally, I have a PhD in audio and video content analysis, have worked with research institutes, started my own company, and contracted to great companies such as Mozilla and Google. I also have a son and a wonderful partner, who both support me in my professional interests. Currently I am back a at research organisation, working for the CSIRO on WebRTC technology and applications.