Ideas for new HTML5 apps

At the recent Linux conference in Brisbane, Australia, I promised a free copy of my book to the person that could send me the best idea for an HTML5 video application. I later also tweeted about it.

While I didn’t get many emails, I am still impressed by the things people want to do. Amongst the posts were the following proposals:

  • Develop a simple video cutting tool to, say setting cut points and having a very simple backend taking the cut points and generating quick enough output. The cutting doesn’t need to retranscode.
  • Develop a polyfill for the track element
  • Use HTML5 video, especially the tracking between video and text, to better present video from the NZ Parliament.
  • Making a small MMO game using WebGL, HTML5 audio and WebSockets. I also want to use the same code for desktop and web.

These are all awesome ideas and I found it really hard to decide whom to give the free book to. In the end, I decided to give it to Brian McKenna, who is working on the MMO game – simply because it it is really pushing the boundaries of several HTML5 technologies.

To everyone else: the book is actually not that expensive to buy from APRESS or Amazon and you can get the eBook version there, too.

Thanks to everyone who started really thinking about this and sent in a proposal!

3 thoughts on “Ideas for new HTML5 apps

  1. Web video players are not very flexible. I’d like to be able to easily create a web player that emulates the functionality I get when I author a DVD. Adobe has this feature in their video suite, but I use Apple’s Final Cut Sutie, which doesn’t.

    In fact, maybe the killer HTML5 video app would be on a web site where you can plug in the links to all the necessary assets and then design the menus and interactions to build the glue code needed to make the buttons function.



  2. My company is doing quite a lot with HTML5 and video. I’d love to show off how we’re totally investing in the HTML5 technology to anyone who is interested. We’re implementing an application that collects user defined data points and synchs those data points back to the video. Our first application is sports and we’re having a great time playing with the new technologies. Our YouTube channel shows off a lot of what we’ve been doing (

    Does anyone know of any WebM cameras that are going to be released any time soon? Have any companies announced they’re working on any such video cameras?

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