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Firefox plugin to encode Ogg video

Michael Dale just posted this to theora-dev. Go to one of the given URLs to install the Firefox plugin that lets you transcode video to Ogg using your Web browser.

Firefogg is developed by Jan Gerber and lives at http://www.firefogg.org/. There is a javascript API available so you can make use of Firefogg in your own Website project to allow people to upload any video and transcode it to Ogg on the fly.


On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 7:08 AM, Michael Dale wrote:
> I mentioned it in the #theora channel a few days ago but here it is with
> a more permanent url:
> http://www.firefogg.org/make/advanced.html
> &
> http://www.firefogg.org/make/
> These will be simple links you can send people so that they can encode
> source footage to a local ogg video file with the latest and greatest
> ogg encoders (presently thusnelda and vorbis). Updates to thusnelda and
> possible other free codecs will be pushed out via firefogg updates 😉
> Pass along any feedback if things break or what not.
> I am also doing testing with “embed” these encoder interface. For those
> familiar with jQuery: an example to rewrite all your file inputs with
> firefogg enhanced inputs: $(“input:[type=’file’]”).firefogg() … Feel
> free to expeirment based on those examples. The form rewrite has mostly
> only been tested in the mediaWiki context:
> http://sandbox.kaltura.com/testwiki/index.php/Special:Upload
> but with minor hacking should work elsewhere 🙂
> enjoy
> –michael
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