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OSDC 2008 talks

The “Open Source Developer Conference” 2008 took place in Sydney between 2nd-5th December. I gave two talks at it:

As requested by the organisers, I just uploaded the slides to Slideshare, which incidentally can now also synchronise audio recordings of your talk to your slides. Here are my slides – even if they don’t actually give you much without the demo:

I had lots of fun giving the talks. The “YouTube” one talks about the Fedora Commons document repository and how we turned it into a video transcoding, keyframing, publication and sharing system. The one on Metavidwiki shows off the Annodex-technology using video wiki that is in use by Wikipedia. Most certainly, I also mentioned that open source CMS systems now have video extensions. However, they are not video-centric sites in general.

Of all the open source Web video technology, I find Fedora Commons and MetaVidWiki the most exciting ones. The former is exciting for its ability to archive and publish video and their metadata in a way that integrates with document management. The latter is even more exciting for using Ogg and the open Annodex technologies to create a completely open source system using open codecs, and for being the world’s second video wiki (just after CMMLwiki), but the first one to achieve wide uptake.