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Demo of new HTML5 features

Ian Hickson, the main editor of the new HTML5 specification, gave a talk about some of the cool new features in HTML5 and some of the early implementations of these features in different browsers.

It’s pretty long demo with 1:25 hrs but he types in all the code manually, so you can re-do all of the demos yourself. The script of the talk with code examples is here.

The first 5 minutes are about the new video element and really worth watching.

Also, at 1:11 hrs Ian is asked about the choice of baseline codecs, in case you want to hear him speak what he has publicly written elsewhere.

I can’t wait to marry the video features with:

  1. the new media fragment addressing schemes in development at the W3C
  2. captions, subtitles and other timed text annotations for videos.

These will allow us search for specific topics directly inside the video (such as “form controls” in Ian’s video) and to hyperlink straight into these time offsets. A completely new world is coming!