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“W3C acquired by Twitter” fun at Web Directions South

I had the great pleasure to be part of the W3C presentations at Web Directions South. But I had the even greater pleasure to upload part of Doug Schepers’ talk as recorded by Laurent Lefort. It contains the shocking news that the W3C got acquired by Twitter and how standards will change through that in the near future. Here’s the video – enjoy!

Amusement at WHATWG

This is not a technical post, but it made my day, so I thought I should share it.

For two years, the WHATWG has had an open twitter account: anyone who wanted to post a status message on WHATWG could just got to http://www.whatwg.org/#updater and update the twitter status.

For two years, the script kiddies didn’t find the account.

They discovered it about 12 hours ago. Check it out at http://twitter.com/WHATWG before twitter’s history eliminates the posts again.

Here are some of the “jewels” posted:

“WHATWG: We’re only half as evil as we seem.”

“The HXTML 2.0 spec has been finalized with only one tag which is <text>.”

“W3C issues announcement: Internet Explorer to be made obsolete. From fall onwards, IE6 and IE7 will be blocked from browsing the internet”

“I hope the script kiddies realizes that no one cares what is posted to the WHATWG twitter account”


“Our whole team of security experts was just fired.”

“i want <isitfriday> tag…” (me too!!)


“WHATWG announce working group on emoticons. Homer says (_8(|) ~doh!”

“WHATWG to start work on “Bible5″ http://bit.ly/TwZcX” (this is actually old, but still golden)