Media Fragment addressing into a live stream

A few months back, Thomas reported on a cool flumotion experiment that he hacked together which allows jumping back in time on a live video stream.

Thomas used a URI scheme with a negative offset to do the jumping back on the http stream:

John left a comment pointing to current work being done in the W3C on Media Fragment addressing, but had to notice that despite Annodex’s temporal URIs having a live stream addressing feature, the new W3C draft didn’t accommodate such a use case.

We got to work in the working group and I am very happy to announce that as of today there is now a draft specification for addressing time offsets by wall-clock time.

Say, you are watching Thomas’ live stream from above at http://localhost:8800 and you want to jump back by 2 min. Your player would grab the current streaming time, e.g. 2009-08-26T12:34:04Z and subtract the two minutes, giving 2009-08-26T12:32:04Z. Then the player would use this to tell your streaming server to jump back by two minutes using this URL:

Or another example would be: you had a stream running all day from a conference and you want to go back to a particular session. You know that it was between 10am and 11am German time (UTC+2 right now). Then your URL would be as follows:

Now if only there was an implementation… 🙂