Cool HTML5 video demos

I’ve always thought that the most compelling reason to go with HTML5 Ogg video over Flash are the cool things it enables you to do with video within the webpage.

I’ve previously collected the following videos and demos:

First there was a demo of a potential javascript interface to playing Ogg video inside the Web browser, which was developed by CSIRO. The library in use later became the library that Mozilla used in Firefox 3.5:

Then there were Michael Dale’s demos of Metavidwiki with its direct search, access and reuse of video segments, even a little web-based video editor:

Then there was Chris Double’s video SVG demo with cool moving, resizing and reshaping of video:

and Chris kept them coming:

Then Chris Blizzard also made a cool demo for showing synchronised video and graph updates as well as a motion detector:

And now we have Firefox Director Mike Belitzer show off the latest and coolest to TechCrunch, the dynamic content injection bit of which you can try out yourself here:

It just keeps getting better!

UPDATE: Here are some more I’ve come across:

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