Xiph / Annodex part of GSoC this year

Yup, we made it again! And because we want to create some awesome code, I’m posting our call for student applications here.

To all students: Please apply to Xiph GSoC projects and help us make open media technology rock the world!

Xiph.org/Annodex.net seeking Summer of Code student applications!

2009 is an important year for free codecs: Ogg Vorbis on every Android device, Ogg Theora support in development for Mozilla Firefox 3.5, and expanded Ogg hosting by the Internet Archive and Wikimedia. Xiph.org and Annodex.net, who develop free codecs (Ogg Vorbis, Theora, Dirac, Speex, CELT, FLAC) and web video support for them, have been selected as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2009.

We are actively seeking student projects for Summer of Code.
A list of project suggestions is at:

Students should feel free to select one of these, develop a variation, or propose their own ideas! Some examples:

  • Develop a conference bridge or reference SIP client for CELT, the new, ultra-low delay audio codec that bridges the gap between Vorbis and Speex for applications where both high quality audio and low delay
    are desired. If you enjoy hacking on networks, you’ll have fun with these CELT projects.
  • Develop components to support all Ogg codecs for OpenMAX IL, the media plugins used in Maemo, Android and LIMO mobile devices. This touches on many interesting projects, and is perfect for anyone with
    an interest in mobile and embedded systems who wants a broad introduction to multimedia codecs.
  • Write a JavaScript Library for Subtitles, Captions and other time-aligned text. The main focus of this project is around enabling video accessibility for Ogg in Firefox. The project requires a student with experience in JavaScript development, HTML and CSS, but also with some understanding of C for liboggplay and libkate, and of C++ for Firefox.
  • Make a Proof of Concept for HTML5 Ogg Video support in the Chromium Browser, using liboggplay (our Ogg Theora playback library, as used in Mozilla Firefox). Full support for HTML5 <video> is a lot of work, but let’s get the ball rolling with a proof of concept for Theora frame decoding and rendering.
  • Add support for import and export of XSPF playlists to Songbird, the Mozilla-powered open music player. This project requires good XML foo, the opportunity to work with cross-platform XUL and JavaScript, and perhaps some C++.


The student application period starts on Monday (March 23):
and runs for a little under 2 weeks, until Friday April 3.

Details of our application process are at:

Interested students *must* get involved with the project development community, on project mailing lists and IRC, before the application deadline. When selecting projects, preference will be given to students who have submitted at least one patch to a Xiph.org or Annodex.net project before the application deadline.

Students will receive a grant from Google for successful work on their GSoC projects. Hacking on free multimedia projects is fun and can have a big impact. We need students who love to hack, to help put support for free codecs into more applications, browsers and networks.