“Sorry, this video is no longer available”

Recently, I noticed an increasing number of videos on YouTube were no longer available – even if they had just been shared through a blog post by friends or even if they were the main video on a producer’s YouTube page, such as QuantumOfSolace.

I was suspicious for a while that there was something wrong with my browser, but when my colleague was able to play the video from the same network and I wasn’t, something had to be done.

I am running Firefox 3.0.4 on OS X 10.5.5 with the Flash 10.0 d26 plugin. First we thought it might be blocked for au.youtube.com and not for www.youtube.com, but there was no difference. Still the same “Sorry, this video is no longer available”.

Finally, an installation of the latest Flash plugin 10.0 r12 fixed the issue. So, if a large number of videos on YouTube isn’t available to you for no apparent reason, you might want to upgrade your Flash plugin.

11 thoughts on ““Sorry, this video is no longer available”

  1. That looks like a cool movie! Anyway – it played in my Firefox 3.0.4 with the QuickTime plugin 3.5.5 without any issues, but I am on a Mac and there is no Flash involved for me.

  2. It could well be that Apple is using flash on Windows (though I doubt it). Maybe right-click on the non-playing video area and see what it says.

  3. I’m running Vista with McAfee from ATT Uverse. I disabled the McAfee firewall and the videos became available. It may be McAfee specific or a problem with the broadband router firewall combined with McAfee.

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