Resurrecting old Maaate code

Have you ever been haunted by an old open source package that you wrote once, published, and then forgot about?

The BSD community has just reminded me of the MPEG audio analysis toolkit Maaate that I wrote at CSIRO when I first came to Australia and that was then published through the CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences division.

The BSD guys were going to remove it from their repositories, because since I left CSIRO more than 2 years ago, CSIRO has taken down the project pages and the code, so there were no active project pages available any longer. I’m glad they contacted me before they did so.

Since it is an open source project, I have now resurrected the old pages at Sourceforge. They are available from I have re-instated the relevant weg pages and documentation and updated all the links. I discovered that we did some cool things then and that it may indeed be worth preservation for the future. I expect Sourceforge is up to the task.

Thanks very much, BSD community and welcome back, MPEG Maaate!

4 thoughts on “Resurrecting old Maaate code

  1. Good timing with this post, Silvia. I just had someone contact me by email asking about how to get hold of code/information for Maaate (no idea how they picked me out of everyone at CSIRO). Anyway, thanks to having recently seen this post in my RSS reader, I was able to point them over to the new SF site.

    So, there’s at least one happy person out there trying to use your old code 🙂


  2. Hi Andrew 🙂

    Thanks a lot for forwarding the link. I’m sure it will be helpful for some people out there. I just wished they’d also contribute code directly back to it. Would make it a better tool over time. We’ll see if the new sourceforge setup will help with that.


  3. Wow – I am impressed somebody would spend that much time searching for it! Sorry I am not able to put a link onto CSIRO’s page to link back to sourceforge. 🙁

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