Sexier new Vquence player

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but haven’t found a good motivation yet. Today I stumbled across the videos from RailsConf2007 on and decided – this is it! I will show off the nice new sexy layout of the Vquence player with this content – after all, we are a rails shop (apart from all those other programming languages that we use).

Julian has worked over the design of the player in December and done an awesome job. The image pane’s scroll slows down as your reach the left or right border. It works similar to a scrollbar, where if you go to the middle of the image pane, it will scroll to the middle clip in the playlist. As you leave the image pane, it snaps back to focus on the clip that you are currently watching.

The new player also has a lot more text in it. As you mouse over the images, you get the titles of the clips. As you click on the (i) button, you get the annotations of the current clip (click (i) again to make it go away). At the beginning of each clip, there’s a small text reminder at the top that a click on the video will take you to the full video.

And finally – to give the video more space, the transport bar actually disappears as you keep watching and stop interacting with the player. This gives it more of a sit-back experience. The possibility to activate the full-screen display also adds to this experience.

Overall, I am really thrilled how far we have taken the player. Enjoy!

(But should you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment.)