WordPress bug? (was: Usability testing for Web2.0 sites)

Or .. why does password-protection suck in WordPress.

I wrote this entry and wanted to get feedback from the people that it was about, before publicly posting it. So I thought – wordpress has this great feature of password-protecting posts. Let me use that! But then the problems started: the post was actually added to my RSS feed and sucked in by a few planets and people started complaining that they were not able to read it. Well, it’s great to get feedback from the community that my posts are actually being read. But it sucks that wordpress handles password-protected post in such a bad manner. Is it something I did wrong or is that indeed a bug in wordpress? Leave me a comment!

One thought on “WordPress bug? (was: Usability testing for Web2.0 sites)

  1. It is a WordPress bug. phpBB 2 suffered from the same problem; no idea if version 3 is the same.

    The problem comes from the feed creator scripts getting the post information directly from the database, mattering little if it requires password protection or not. The secripts overlook the protection and publicize an excerpt.

    Solution: force a post to be flagged in a way that the feed scripts would ignore it at the time of feed creation.

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