Vquence gets its first real competitor

Today, I heard about SlapVid. SlapVid is a demonstrator built on a p2p system built by 4 CMU graduates and supported by Y Combinator. The SlapVid flash player has similar functionality to the Vquence player in that it concatenates slices of videos from a collection. And – like we did for the Vquence alpha – SlapVid’s website presents the top videos from youtube in their demonstrator. Seems a bit of a copycat. 😉

At the moment, you cannot generate SlapStrips yet, but they’re progressing toward it. So are we – and fast – expect to author vquences by the end of this week!

I for one welcome the arrival of our first competitor (even though SlapVid may not be called a complete competitor, because they largely rely on p2p to provide their service, while we rely on our own infrastructure mainly, which will allow much better control over the user experience). A competitor in the market place validates your ideas and business model. It makes the discussion a lot easier than if you have to explain the concept over and over again. Also, if somebody else is doing it, we’re obviously doing something right. Let’s just try and stay ahead of them. 😉