New Vquence Website

I’m excited to present the all new website.

As you may know, Vquence is the online video startup that Chris Gilbey and I have created over the past months. We now have a great team of people working with us.

We’ve worked hard on our new Web presence to get a nice modern logo and Web design, to produce some good pictures to describe what we actually do, and to give a sneak preview of our technology.

Go check out the video on the front page. It’s a flash player (sorry, not Annodex yet) and has some awesome functionality hidden inside – thanks to Peter Withers, Michael Dale and Jamie Madden. Click on the video slices as they are playing. And notice how all the full videos are hosted on different video hosting sites (sorry to all those hosting providers who missed out – we simply haven’t got enough people working for us yet ;).

Thanks to Julian Frumar and Alister Walters for all the great design work, to Chris Gilbey and Richard McKinnon for the copy, and to Matt Moor and John Ferlito for getting the hosting under control with some cool scripts to be used for future rollouts of our final product.

Have fun!