FOMS – the birth of a new open media forum

The first FOMS (Foundations of Open Media Software) workshop is over and it was an overwhelming success – more than ever expected! And wow – we have videos of it, too – thanks to Ralph Giles and Thomas Vander Stichele.

The goal of FOMS was to bring a diverse group of people from all around the planet who are all working on open media software together for the first time so they could get to know each other, exchange ideas, and generally address the things that annoy us all with open media technologies.

Strategically placing FOMS in the week before LCA was a great idea: not only would some of the developers attend LCA anyway and thus would not need to use up extra travel time, but also would LCA provide opportunities for the newly forged relationships to flourish and create code.

A new forum for discussion was created and since the community has committed to achieving a set of community goals, we expect it will have some basic effect on the usability of open media software over time.

And yes … all participants are up for a repetition of FOMS – possibly as a precursor to other FLOSS conferences overseas, but at a minimum again at next year’s LCA in Melbourne. Let’s rock it!