2013, Jan 30th, Linux.conf.au: “Code up your own video conference in HTML5”


In the last year, the specifications of WebRTC (real-time communication) have improved massively and first implementations of the PeerConnection API are available in Google Chrome and Opera.

Web developers are now able to imple­ment video con­fer­en­cing in Web pages with just a few lines of JavaS­cript code – given a server that provides connection setup functionality.

The Medi­aStream and Peer­Con­nec­tion objects provide some­thing fun­da­ment­ally dif­fer­ent from the tra­di­tional web: peer-to-peer con­nec­tions without an inter­me­di­ate relay. This present­a­tion will explain the new objects, dig into the challenges that had to be overcome to make this happen, and show a demo of their (still experimental) imple­ment­a­tion in the Chrome and Opera Web browsers. By the time of LCA, Mozilla may have experimental implementations, too.


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