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Linux.conf.au 2011: The Latest and Coolest with HTML5 Video

I gave a talk at LCA 2011 in Brisbane about some of the things that I have learnt and code I have developed during writing my book, see http://www.amazon.com/Definitive-Guide-HTML5-Video/dp/1430230908/ . The talk announcement: The new HTML 5 specification continues to change – a particularly large number of changes are still happening for audio and video. Not just that we were provided with a new open codec format called WebM which didn’t really change any functionality, but may eventually lead to a common baseline codec. But just in July 2010 features for accessibility and a new caption format called WebSRT have been introduced. Also, a new video API is being discussed that will expose analytics about the video performance, e.g. the number of dropped frames, the download rate, and the playback rate. Lastly, a audio data API is proposed that allows the programmer to access raw audio data and do cool thing such as frequency analysis. I will provide a brief introduction to the new HTML5 video and audio elements, their JavaScript API and already standardized and available functionality in modern Web Browsers, such as pixel manipulation through the Canvas or the application of SVG filters to videos. Then I will show some cool demos of what will be possible once the newer features are standardized and rolled out. This talk will contain lots of “bling”, i.e. lots of visual and aural demonstrations, but there will also be technical content at the level required by more or less hard-core Web developers. Do not expect a kernel talk from this though. For slides see: http://blog.gingertech.net/2011/01/27/html5-video-presentations-at-lca-2011/ Creative Commons licensed http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ by Linux Australia

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