Doug Schepers: W3C and Twitter (humour warning!)

Doug Schepers of the W3C gave an overview talk about W3C and Web standards at the Web Directions South 2009 conference in Sydney, Australia, see . This is a short extract from his talk, where he announces that Twitter has bought the W3C. Awesomeness warning! Doug sent me a transcript: (Can you hear me all right?) So, I just wanted to introduce you to W3C, and to do so, I have some exciting information: W3C has been acquired by Twitter. We’re really excited about this… there are… there are a couple of complications. All of our specifications are now going to have to be 140 characters or less. But we think this will actually speed up our time to market. I’d like to introduce 2 new specifications: here is HTML5 and CSS3. So, we’ve cut out everything except the essential bits: border-radius will now let you have rounded corners… so, um, congratulations. And we expect that these will be implemented very quickly. Here’s the text of that slide: (W3C logo in Twitter font) W3C has been acquired by Twitter. Now, all specifications will be 140 characters or less: * @w3c HTML5:h1-6,p,li,div,video,audi o #rec * @w3c CSS3:font,color,padding,border -radius #rec

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