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2017, November 11th, AVCAL: “What’s the next big thing in deep tech innovation?”

About the event

Hear about the emerging technologies coming out of CSIRO’s deep tech Innovation Accelerator, ON. Gain insights on the following ground-breaking technologies in a panel discussion moderated by King & Wood Malleson’s Scott Bouvier.

Program panellists

Coviu provides all the tools necessary to make video consultations, as an alternative means of delivering therapy and advice, a reality by supercharging the patient-clinician conversation. [Silvia Pfeiffer]

Modular Photonics produce a glass chip micro device which can achieve a 100 times increase in data transfer speeds at approximately one tenth of the current cost across various ranges. [Michael Whithford]

Cardihab™ is a digital health company helping patients with heart disease. The Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation (DCR) solution uses smartphone apps and web portals to give clinicians the ability to deliver more convenient, flexible and engaging cardiac rehabilitation services to patients. [Simon McBride]

The ON program partners with 30 universities, has over 400 mentors and has graduated 200 groups in just two short years.

Hear from CSIRO’s Chief Exective Dr Larry Marshall about the unique value of accelerators like ON in the VC landscape; what’s on the Australian innovation horizon; and the role CSIRO plays in taking valuable world-class research out of the lab and into the marketplace.


  • Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive, CSIRO
  • Scott Bouvier, Partner, King & Wood Mallesons

2016: Presenting Webpages

Pfeiffer S; Field P, “Presenting Webpages”, Innovation Patent of CSIRO, filed 17 July 2015.

Annual Release of External-Videos plugin – we’ve hit v1.0

This is the annual release of my external-videos wordpress plugin and with the help of  Andrew Nimmolo I’m proud to annouce we’ve reached version 1.0!

So yes, my external-videos wordpress plugin is now roughly 7 years old, who would have thought! During the year, I don’t get the luxury of spending time on maintaining this open source love child of mine, but at Christmas, my bad conscience catches up with me  – every year! I then spend some time going through bug reports, upgrading the plugin to the latest wordpress version, upgrading to the latest video site APIs, testing functionality and of course making a new release.

This year has been quite special. The power of open source has kicked in and a new developer took an interest in external-videos. Andrew Nimmolo submitted patches over all of 2016. He decided to bring the external-videos plugin into the new decade with a huge update to the layout of the settings pages, general improvements, and an all-round update of all the video site APIs which included removing their overly complex SDKs and going straight for the REST APIs.

Therefore, I’m very proud to be able to release version 1.0 today. Thanks, Andrew!

Enjoy – and I look forward to many more contributions – have a Happy 2017!

NOTE: If you’re upgrading from an older version, you might need to remove and re-add your social video sites because the API details have changed a bit. Also, we noticed that there were layout issues on WordPress 4.3.7, so try and make sure your WordPress version is up to date.