1996: The MoCA Workbench: Support for Creativity in Movie Content Analysis

Rainer Lienhart and Silvia Pfeiffer and Wolfgang Effelsberg, “The MoCA Workbench: Support for Creativity in Movie Content Analysis” Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Multimedia Computing & Systems 1996 June 1996 Hiroshima, Japan pp. 314-321.

Preversion: http://www.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/techberichte/html/TR-95-034.html


Semantic access to the content of a video is highly desirable for multimedia content retrieval. Automatic extraction of semantics requires content analysis algorithms. Our MoCA (Movie Content Analysis) project provides an interactive workbench supporting the researcher in the development of new movie content analysis algorithms. The workbench offers data management facilities for large amounts of video/audio data and derived parameters. It also provides an easy-to-use interface for a free combination of basic operators into more sophisticated operators. We can combine results from video track and audio track analysis. The MoCA Workbench shields the researcher from technical details and provides advanced visualization capabilities, allowing attention to focus on the development of new algorithms. The paper presents the design and implementation of the MoCA Workbench and reports practical experience.